Traveling solo as a woman is definitely an intimidating way to explore the universe. But the fact is that women who travel solo are very confident and independent. No one starts out as a super confident solo traveler. This is something that happens over time as you become extremely comfortable finding the way by yourself and making your own picks.

But solo women who are not confident and confused might often attract the wrong sort of attention. Some tips that will prepare you for solo traveling are;

Travel during the day

Incidents can happen at anything, if you wish to have long journeys, try to travel during the day.

Try to blend in

One of the possible ways to attract false attention is to wear right clothing and to carry yourself in a very hard way than the local women.  Don’t wear outfits that scream Tourist is a small piece of advice.


Stay up dated with social media

Allowing people know where and when you might be traveling is an excellent safety blanket. While friends and family might be limited in what they do, it’s better to leave a breadcrumb trail of your trip on social networking sites. A blog is also an excellent way to reassure all that you are safe.

Be aware with your possessions

People travel with a camera, tablets, smartphones and other electronic equipment. These will be very eye – catchy items for thieves.

Try to avoid or take out from the bag only when needed. Its also smart to keep them within the reach at all times, along with wallet, passport and other necessary things.

Drink to enjoy but don’t get drunk

Alcohol can be both friendly as well as enemy to solo traveler. Remember to have a drink with someone you have met on your travel is a better way to enjoy but remember not to have too much it can immediately make you vulnerable.

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