One of the best ways to document your pregnancy is through a planned maternity photoshoot. It proves to be a great way to preserve those precious moments before your baby is born and also to cherish that motherhood glow on your face! If you choose to go ahead with a maternity photoshoot, then just remember one thing – you are growing a beautiful little human inside you and the shape of your body should be the last thing on your mind! Here are some great tips to keep in mind while doing a maternity photoshoot.


1. Choose A Photographer Who Makes You Comfortable

Comfort is the first thing that should be on your mind while doing a shoot because that is what is going to reflect in your photographs, so make sure you know the photographer you choose and let them know well in advance of what kind of images you are expecting out of the shoot so that both of you can be on the same page. Go through the photographer’s previous maternity photos to understand their style of work. Also, ensure that the photographer provides you with edited final output images. Make a checklist of the location, lighting, time for the shoot, your outfits, hair and make-up and the number of final photographs that you will receive.

2. Timing

that start of your third trimester will be the perfect time for you to have the shoot because that is when you baby bump would look beautiful and full. Women have a pregnancy glow during their pregnancy and this is the time your glow would be the best to capture. You will have a whole lot of energy now after all the tiredness, nausea and morning sickness that you faced in the first two trimesters.


3. Location (Home, Studio, Outdoor)

Your choice of location is very important because this will reflect on the final images.

  • Choose whether you want to shoot at home, a studio or the outdoors
  • Home will be a comfortable option if you have some intimate poses with your spouse in mind.
  • If you want to use a lot of props, then studios would be a good option.
  • With outdoors, you can choose a scenic backdrop that you would like such as the ocean, greenery, etc.

4. Creative Poses

there are so many creative poses that you can choose from to flaunt your baby bump. Here are some tips to choose poses.

  • Research poses on Pinterest, google and from other maternity photographer pages.
  • In case you have your own poses in mind make sure to communicate this with the photographer in advance.
  • Once you have finalised some poses, try them in front of the mirror and get your expressions right.


5. What-To-Wear and What-Not-To-Wear

What you choose to wear will play a major role in the final photos.

  • Select a dress which will enhance your baby bump and your personality
  • Simple and solid coloured dresses which are fitting on top and flowing below are a great choice.
  • Make sure to your footwear is comfortable as you may have to stand for a long time.
  • Avoid dresses with too many colours and prints.
  • Don’t wear heavy jewellery as the attention will shift from your bump.

6. Hair and Make-Up

keep your hair and make-up simple.

  • Make sure your hair and make-up is suitable for the chosen location and lighting.
  • It is suggested to keep it as natural as possible.
  • If shoot is happening at home or studio you will need touch ups due to the warm lighting
  • Keep your hairstyle natural.


7. Use of Props

there are so many props you can choose for the shoot but make sure it is in sync with the location. Discuss the props in advance with the photographer. You can use props such as your first ultrasound scan image, balloons, cute little baby dresses and shoes, a board with your baby’s chosen name, if you have an older child he or she can hold the board with the words “big brother / sister”. But make sure not to use too many props in a single frame.

8. Involve Family Members

It is fun to involve some of your family members in the shoot apart from the solo shots of you with your bump. If you have pets at home, they can be a great addition to the shoot! You can also choose to colour coordinate with your family to create a theme for the pictures. If you have an older kid, you can take some great mother-child-baby bump bonding pictures. Also, try doing some romantic poses with your better half!



9. Keep It Simple

keeping it simple throughout is the key to a great photoshoot and also a great set of photos. The specialty of the photos is the little miracle growing inside you, hence you do not need anything extra to make it special.

10. Have Fun

Having a lot of fun during the shoot will make the photos even more special as the happiness and smile on your face will reflect in the photos. Don’t trouble yourself with petty issues during the shoot. Keep smiling throughout and always keep in mind that you are the most beautiful and wonderful mother. Let your photographer do his job peacefully to get the best out of the shoot.

Always keep in mind that you have a beautiful baby bump, you are going to be a wonderful mother to your little bundle of joy and you look your beautiful best right this moment! Mothers who have done maternity shoots, share with us your experience in the comments!

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