Ovarian cysts are a common condition among women in which fluid-filled sacs or solid sacs appear on the ovaries. Usually appearing like a swelling on your ovaries, it is difficult to identify the condition of ovarian cysts just through symptoms. In many cases, the cysts cause no symptoms, pain or changes for being a cause of worry. They may appear and disappear on their own, at any given time within a woman’s lifetime, especially those who have an active menstrual cycle.


In other cases, ovarian cysts can cause symptoms where they do not disappear on their own or grow bigger causing discomfort. Some of these symptoms include pain in the pelvic region, bloating, swelling and heaviness. Consulting a doctor is a must if one experiences sharp and sudden pains, pain accompanied by fever or vomiting. Since some of these symptoms are common with other conditions like endometriosis and PCOS, consulting an expert is important to receive proper medical care.


Ovarian cysts can occur in any female body but chances are heightened during pregnancy, hormonal medication, a severe pelvic infection and endometriosis. If ovarian cysts are found during a pelvic exam or ultrasound, they are generally kept under observation to let the subside on their own. Doctors may recommend painkillers to manage the pain. Birth control pills can be given to prevent further ovarian cysts from occurring but it will not cause the present ones to disappear. In severe cases, surgery is recommended but only if the cyst is detected to be cancerous.


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