The heroic fall of Natasha Romanoff A. K. A. Black Widow  in The Avengers: End Game has left an emotional scar on many Marvel fans. People were hoping till the end, that she would be back. Even though she may not come alive again, the Black Widow movie will come as a consolation. The Black Widow is an extremely popular marvel character, even though she didn’t have her own movie. And it’s high time, marvel fans got an uninterrupted taste of Romanoff.

Black Widow is the only avenger who does not have any super advantage. She does not have a super brain, special DNA, special body armor, or even a magic hammer. She is a superhero made only of her wit, vigilance, loyalty and yeah, moral. But she wasn’t always like this. She didn’t have a moral. She could kill merciless. And yeah, she didn’t have friends.

Natasha is a highly trained KGB agent. However, when the USSR broke up, the government wanted her dead. She escaped, later joining hands with the avengers. But following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Natasha is forced back to live like a fugitive for helping Steve and Bucky. And this opens the door to her shady past. She has to confront them. She seeks out her old team to put an end to it.


The trailer was released on December 2019. The trailer showed Natasha talking to the mirror saying ‘nothing lasts forever’ after flashes of her past. Followed by which She fights with Florence who she allegedly calls sis. This fight has raised the expectations of this film. Romanoff is seen seeking out her old team. Romanoff is back to being the notorious redhead. If the trailer was of any indication it’s that the film is going to kick some ass.

The Black Widow stars Scarlet Johannson as Natasha Romanoff. Staring in other notable characters are Florence Pugh, David Harbour and Rachel Weisz as Yelena Belova, Red Guardian and Melina. It is directed by Cate Shortland. It is set to release on 1st May 2020.


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