While it is a common joke on how women are jealous and petty of each other in general, women friendships are the most underrated relationships in the world. As the saying goes, men are from Mars and women are from Venus, we undoubtedly need people who truly understand our way of life. We think, act and respond different from the way men do. This is due to the fact that women in general, are more emotionally driven, rather than logically. While this might sometimes not be the best way to handle certain situations, we at least know what “following our heart means”.


Why Women friendships are important is that, while we tend to emotionally make decisions in our life, they have always got our back. Taking our problems into their hands, they think logically for us. While you might wonder, why a man can’t do the same for us. The difference lies in their nature of understanding the situation the same way we do, making it rational.


Female friendships have been the bedrock for many women in their lives. This is not just a trend or something that has been noticed in recent times, but dives back to years. In earlier times, when marriages were based on purely economic reasons, it was the women folk who were looked for as an emotional backbone.


Strong women lift each other. The core essence of female friendship is strength. And what do you get when you get the right tribe to vibe with? True resilience, confidence, assurance, joy and a lifetime of someone to bank on.

Remember that female friendships that work are relationships in which women women help each other belong to themselves. Your vibe finds your tribe, so be yourself and stick by your women!


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