Activated charcoal is all the buzz, and with good reason. But what is activate charcoal exactly? It’s common charcoal that’s been heated in such a way that it develops a lot of pores or small spaces that trap chemicals. It can be produced by little particles of carbonaceous substances. This includes coconut shells and sawdust that’s heated to very high temperatures. This forms the charcoal and to activate it, steam or hot can can be used to erode internal surfaces which increase the absorptive powers. This absorptive area is the magical fairy godmother that draws out harmful toxins and impurities from within the skin.

Here’s a quick look at the different ways activated charcoal can become your new best friend:shutterstock-1030440586

  1. Eradicate Acne – This is literally everyone’s favorite part. Yes, activated charcoal is a lifesaver when it comes to acne. It fights off germs that cause acne, sucks out impurities and reduces inflammation. Your pores will be clean.
  2. Gets rid of impurities – Since activated charcoal is a great absorbent, it sucks out the poison. It’s usually given to people who have swallowed poison. Similarly, it pulls out impurities from the skin and this includes heavy metals.
  3. Whitens your teeth – Nobody saw this coming! Basically, activated charcoal works by bonding to the stains on your teeth – like wine or coffee stains or nicotine. It scrubs off tartar and plaque. It’s abrasive properties help it get rid of stains from the teeth.
  4. DIY eyeliner/mascara – You can make a non-toxic eyeliner using activated charcoal. This type of eyeliner usually comes off easily with water and it comes off pretty smooth.
  5. Whitens underarms – It’s a great remedy for dark underarms. It exfoliates the underarm area and sucks out impurities. It removes the dark dead skin cells and even cuts out the underarm odor.


Apart from all of this, activated charcoal balances oily skin, soothes bug bites or itchy and irritated skin, removes blackheads and detoxifies the skin. Fit activated charcoal into your weekly routine and get yourself a new best friend who works wonders for you!

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