Eggs have lots of health benefits and keep in the mind how do us match our daily eggs with, match them with a healthy diet, not with processed meats, such as sausage, bacon and ham, correlate with an increased risk of total mortality, some types of cancer, and heart disease in women, notes research published in the International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition Research in 2015.

Choose to eat eggs with whole-grain toast and limit the cheese and other saturated fat add-ons to your eggs too.

The four types of eggs:

  • Conventional eggs which we get from the supermarkets are from the chicken which is fed with the grains and supervised by the manpower.
  •  Organic eggs are obtained from the chicken which is fed organically and not treated with hormones.
  •  Pastured eggs got from the chicken which is allowed to roam and eat natural foods like insects and plants.
  • Omega 3 enriched eggs got from the chicken which is fed with mixed Flax seeds which are enriched in Omega 3.


Don’t confuse with the options and make the right choice of choosing the right nutrition egg for your health,  don’t panic; here is the hint,  choose conventional eggs as you topmost priority that is predominantly available in supermarkets,  then go for Organic eggs which are equally a good source of nutrients,  thirdly opt for an omega 3 enriched rich eggs and last the pastured eggs.

Why should we leave the answer for the long term debate on brown eggs or white eggs which to give so rightful nodes?

It doesn’t matter if you eat white eggs or brown eggs both have the same nutritional values and equal health.

The study from the department of nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut reveals that a person consumes 3 a day and maximum 12 eggs per week may experience more of an increase in good cholesterol and decrease in bad cholesterol level from one who eats the same amount of egg substitute. Let’s unscramble the truth behind the eggs and forsake the myth behind the eggs, let’s enjoy 3 eggs a day for our beautiful breakfast, with our quick lunch and with our healthy dinner.



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