Depression may as well begin in early childhood and if untreated, it could have a devastating effect on them.  Depression is a condition that is more severe than normal low mood and sadness. There are some signs that can indicate onset of depression in children.


Body aches: When in a state of depression, kids are more likely to complain of physical or bodily symptoms like restlessness, pains, etc. This happens as the kids may not have the expressive abilities or emotional attunement to talk about their feelings and emotions.

Variations in Appetite: While some children eat less when they are depressed, others, mostly teenagers tend to eat more under such circumstances. Change in eating habits result from lack from pleasure from activities and fatigue. Teenagers usually resort to food for emotional healing and tend to eat more than usual.

Variations in sleep patterns: Sleep disorders are also seen as early signs of depression in children. Children suffering from depression are lost in their own thoughts most of the time and particularly at night, they are unable to sleep due to heavy influx of feelings and emotions.

Social isolation:  Depressed children are extremely uncomfortable with social mingling and interaction. They are often seen as becoming “socially mute”. In extreme cases, they refuse to go to school as they find themselves unable to adjust the social setting of the school.

General anxiety disorder: Another common sign of depression is general anxiety about everything. The kids begin to excessively worry about the future.

Low self esteem and guilt: Depressed kids have this constant feeling that they are good. They compare themselves to other children often and think that they are not worthy of anything.


 Difficulty in concentrating: Lack of interest in routine activities like studying and playing along with lack of focus and difficulty in paying attention are other signs of depression.

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