How many of us sat through Science classes and wondered how does a kidney, intestine, stomach fit into our small belly? In fact, I remember thinking my food went to the lungs. We only have one throat right. Moreover, this is common among all the children. Everyday children are forced to chug up concepts they do not understand. Because of which they do not even understand why they are studying it. Moreover, worse are the teachers. Their soul intention is only to complete the syllabus and not making the children understand. I mean I was terrified of the question ‘Is there any questions?’

women-education-and-empowerment women-education-and-empowerment

However, this one 3rd-grade teacher is an exception. She wants to deliver what she teaches in a way that her students grasp easily. In addition, she is not embarrassed about doing anything just as long as she helps the students.

One such day the students were shocked to find their teacher in a full body suit that mapped the internal organs of our body. However, the students did not know how to react. Some shouted, some were confused, some even applauded and some simply closed their eyes. However, she kept up her enthusiasm and taught the anatomy to the students. I bet the students will never forget those lessons.

Veronica Duque is from Valladolid in Spain. She has been teaching for 15 years. Now she teaches natural and social science, art, English and Spanish. She is one all-rounder. She has always been dedicated about teaching and took one extra step to help her students understand. She admits she uses disguise in history classes. Moreover, cardboard crowns to represent various kingdoms of nouns, adjectives, prepositions in English class. Veronica believes kids easily grasp visually aided creative teaching more than text or oral teaching. Veronica does not hesitate to teach the children in creative ways even if it means more work for her.

Veronica was allegedly surfing the internet while an advertisement for this body suit popped up from AliExpress. Veronica says she understands how hard it was for kids to grasp the idea of internal organs. Therefore, she decided to go for it.


Her husband showed his full support by putting up a tweet of his wife in the anatomy body suit. He quoted how proud he was and how lucky he was to have this volcano of idea as his woman.

This post went viral. It has over 705k likes, 14k retweets and 1.8k comments. Many people has appreciated Veronica’s dedication. One user claimed that ‘more teachers with the desire to teach are needed’. In addition, another user said that ‘this was total dedication to the profession’. Veronica wants people to stop thinking of teachers as lazy bureaucratic public servants.

Teaching is one of the noblest profession and more people need to be like her. Teachers taking that one extra mile makes a lot of improvement in their teaching. Teachers should work for teaching rather than for money. For teachers are influencers who can mould the younger generation.

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  1. This was a brilliant and courageous act on the part of the teacher. We need more teachers like her who are willing to give it more and have no inhibitions in coming up with out of the box ideas.

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