There is no health guide out there which doesn’t talk about the benefits of eating fruits daily. Fruits are considered an essential part of a healthy lifestyle as they are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Fruits come in such variety of colours, tastes and smells that it is easy to incorporate them in daily diets as per one’s preferences. One can easily add strawberries to the bowl of cereals, apple to a custard or pomegranate to a salad to uplift the taste and increase nutritional value. Despite the use of fruits in many dishes, many people prefer eating fruits in their wholesome goodness, that is, all by themselves.


A lot of myths, beliefs and advices are heard when talking about when to eat fruits. Many believe that eating certain fruits at certain times are more beneficial for digestive system. Many expert nutritionists and dermatologists say that eating fruits first thing in the morning provides maximum benefits as all the nutritional contents and antioxidants are easily absorbed by the body. Having fruits as breakfast reduces infections and inflammation as the free radicals in the system are taken care of by the antioxidants.


Many other health experts promote that eating fruits at any time of the day is as beneficial as in the morning. Including fruits in between meals can prevent unhealthy binging on snacks as the potassium, sodium and fiber in them curbs cravings. The consumption of fruits with or close to meals can lower the digestive system which can make you feel fuller for a longer time. Also, including fruits after a meal as a dessert can give you a kick of natural sugar without being high on calories.


Low on calories and high on nutritional value, consuming fruits is a great way to keep weight under control and can also aid in weight loss. They are perfect for fitness enthusiasts as a serve as a good pre-workout and post-workout meal. Fruits provide a kick of energy before workout and also work as an electrolyte, helping the body remain hydrated. The can replenish the body after a workout with necessary energy level and avoid fatigue.
Contrary to popular belief, having fruits with meals is beneficial for diabetic patients as the digestion is slow and the sugar is slowly released in the body. Eating fruits, rich in sugar, on empty stomach can spike sugar levels suddenly for diabetic patients. However, they should consume sugar-high fruits in limited quantity.
Restricting the answer to when to eat fruits to certain times of the day will only lead to missing out on these highly nutritional foods whenever necessary. Fruits are a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins and including them in the diet anytime of the day is beneficial. Empty stomach, on the afternoon, in between meals-anytime is good time for eating fruits as the body is always ready to absorb nutrition from whatever we choose to eat. Choose seasonal fruits as they contain essential nutrients for weather conditions and also lend variety to choice of fruits.


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