Long distance relationships are a reality of our times thanks to messaging, calling, snapchatting, tweeting and tagging that has made it possible. Though it is a little difficult to make this kind of relationship work, some tips will help you form a strong and long lasting bond with your lover.

Build trust: Talk frequently about your insecurities, apathy, jealousy and fears to each other. Be honest and open to each other to build trust. Look out for each others’ help and support.

Prioritizing your schedules: Different work schedules and different time zones may affect the frequency of your communication. You must prioritize your schedules to make more time for each other. Decide upon a mutually satisfying talking schedule that is unrushed and is looked forward by both of you.

Communicate regularly and creatively:  Apart from the wishing each other good morning and good night, try to keep each other updated about your daily activities. Send pictures, short videos and audio clips to each other every day to feel connected.

Do things together: You might not be physically together but you can still do things together like playing an online game together, walk outside while talking to each other on phone, or even watch a documentary on Youtube together!

Exchange gifts: Mailing each other love letters and postcards might seem like an old trick but it actually works. You must also exchange send flowers, gifts or eatables as surprises.

Keep the romance alive: Romantic talks, dirty talks, and sexting each other should be regularly attempted to keep the romance alive.


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