You must have come across advertisements that show silky smooth female bodies and prompt you to consider laser hair removal. It is sure to entice you as the monthly pain of going to the salon and getting hair waxed is looming over you. Well, technically it is not hair removal but a form of hair reduction. For some, it may result in permanent hair removal but for many, it may just be a temporary reduction. It is an effective and safe process of hair removal but there are things that you should know before you begin your journey:

  • Pain Factor – Laser hair reduction is not completely painless. It feels like small pricks when the laser hits the root of the hair and sometimes you may not even notice them. On sensitive parts of the bodies, like the chin, bikini and temples it may pain more than just pricks but it depends on your pain threshold what exactly you will feel. Immediately cooling down the part will provide relief. Check if the clinics around you have laser machines with a cooling mechanism.
  • Being regular matters– You have to be regular with your appointments to really see the results. Most people begin to notice the slowing of growth after 2 sessions, which takes around 8 weeks.laserhairremoval
  • The process is quick– The time taken for each session is pretty fast depending on the area you are targeting. An underarm session may just last under 10 minutes.
  • Aftercare matters– You have to care for your skin after every session for at least Dermatologists avoiding hot water, direct sunlight, gym workouts, saunas and scrubs. Long term aftercare includes not using retinol creams, no bleaching, avoiding chemical peels and preventing skin tanning.
  • No other hair removal– Dermatologists strongly suggest that you avoid waxing and plucking for hair removal in between the sessions. If you have an emergency situation, shaving is your only option.
  • Many benefits– Laser hair removal has no side effects if you take proper care of the skin. However, the benefits of this treatment are more than just hair reduction like it prevents in the growth of hair, causes less irritation of the skin and suits all skin colours.

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