With the rapid advancement of the social media, the voice of women is being heard louder than ever before. In recent years, twitter has become a great platform for women to talk about grave issues concerning them. Let us look at some of these trending hash tags and movements that give women a chance to voice their opinion, sharing their thoughts with women from around the world and makes them more empowered in the process.

  1. #metoo : This movement was founded by Tarana Burke in 2017. Aimed at connecting women with similar experiences in a safe place, it sparked a global deluge of disclosures and women came out in the open to disclose the experiences of sexual assault. The movement crossed borders echoing with #SendeAnlat in Turkey, #BalanceTonProc in France, #RiceBunny in China, #Cuentalo in Spain and #QuellaVoltaChe in Italy. It even resulted in real time results as companies reframed their policies concerning women rights and perpetrator facing justice.
  2. #HeforShe: Launched in a US campaign in 2014 by Emma Watson, the #HeforShe movement calls for the men to join the women in the fight against discrimination and violence against women. It marks the fact that gender equality is as well a men’s’ issue as it is a women’s issue.
  3. #Yesallwomen: The sound of everyday sexism and misogyny is very well highlighted by #Yesallwomen movement that started when Elliot Rodger killed six people in California. He stated that due to the constant rejection by women he was angry. Women from around the world took to twitter to discuss misogyny, rape and sexism that they face on a daily basis. The movement has started talks about sexual entitlement and the need for men to treat women as humans rather than as sexual objects.
  4. #TimesUp: As the popularity of #MeToo hashtag spread across the globe, Monika Ramirez, president of Alianza Nacional de Campesinasto, an organization that works to put an end to the exploitation of women farm workers in the USA, wrote an open letter to the women in Hollywood who had shared their experiences of sexual harassment to show solidarity. It served as a great movement to break the silence on burning women issues like gender discrimination, sexual harassment and fight for gender equality.
  5. #BringBackOurGirls: In April 2014, a terrorist group abducted 276 teenage girls in Chibok, Borno State in Nigeria from their school hostel. This sparked global outrage and resulted in the formation of #BringBackOurGirls hash tag. Over 100 girls were found or released while the others remained missing. This lasting movement went on to cover important issues like abuse of human rights, killings and kidnappings, security and healthcare.
  6. #WhyIStayed: Beverly Gooden shared her story of domestic violence on social media with the hashtag #WhyIStayed in 2014. She shared the complexities involving abandoning an abusive relationship the reasons for her to stay in her relationship despite domestic violence. She asked her followers to share their experiences and soon the hashtag became a movement, creating a community of support.

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