It is said that Albert Einstein predicted that if bees die out, human beings will do so too within four years. But, it will come as a surprise to humans especially some of them that bees have been declared the most important living beings on our planet by scientists.  Whether bees have a sense of their own importance and know precisely how the life cycle of all species on Earth depends on their ability to pollinate is not known, but most humans certainly have very little idea either. Bee populations have shrunk considerably worldwide by 90%.


A percentage of human beings have waged to save tigers, elephants, lions, rhinos and other more visibly endangered species. But, without bees, none of us would be around anyway to bother about others. Obviously as getting close to them is about as dangerous as doing the same to a grouchy tiger because bees do not lend themselves to sympathy. But, many human beings are just as prickly as bees about their personal space. Those who are crucial to our existence need not be likable; since they are fulfilling a major responsibility, we need to just let them, well, bee. When It stings it hurts a lot, but if they were to disappear, it would hurt much more than ever thought.


A theory is proposed by The Federal Institute of Technology of Switzerland that blames the waves produced thanks to mobile telephony. Bees are disoriented because of the waves emitted during calls, causing them to lose their sense of direction and therefore their life is put in danger. The constant fumigation of crops is undoubtedly the greatest reason for its disappearance, an example of this is what happens in Colombia, since during the last three years 34% of bees have died of poisoning. This is being experienced with bees and there is utmost urgency to create changes in our management of resources.


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