The opening act of Bigg Boss Season 1 Kondattam was performed by Choreographer Sandy which turned out to be a huge hit with the audience. This year too, everyone was eagerly awaiting his performance! He opened the show with an epic MGR song “Naan Aanaiyital” and did a fusion of many other songs and closed his act with an ultimate spoof song of the BB2 contestants and their funny characteristics and moments inside this house this season. All the contestants ran up to the stage and hugged and praised Sandy for his performance. All of them together with the choreographer shook a leg to the famous Prabhudeva number ”Guleba”.


Priyanka and Rio of Vijay TV fame were the hosts for this show and they conducted an ice-breaking session for the contestants with a “friendship” game. The chosen contestants were Mahat and Daniel, Aishwarya and Vijayalakshmi, Ponnambalam and Shariq and Janani and Ramya. These contestants seemed to have a tiff inside the house and hence were paired up in this game. Balloons were tied to each of them and they had to hug their pair and break their balloons! Clearly, the boys were stronger than the girls in this game!


Until this time, The Bigg Boss Season 2 title winner Rythivika was not to be seen on stage. Just then, the hosts announced the arrival of Rythivika who then entered the show in an elegant palanquin and danced gracefully for a song from Baahubali 2. After her performance the hosts asked her how it was after she took the trophy home and that’s when Rythivika revealed that the first phone call that arrived for her upon reaching home was from Season 1 contestant Oviya. On hearing this famous contestant’s name the audience turned into a frenzy assuring us all that the “Oviya Army” has not dissipated irrespective of time.


Shariq was then called on to the stage and to his surprise, one of his friends was called upon where he presented a beautiful hand sketched image of Shariq. NSK Ramya who was famous for her singing inside the house, rocked this stage too with her brilliant performance of songs starting with the much loved “Senthoora” song from the movie Bogan. Following Ramya, Sendrayan entered the stage with a bang and looked dapper in his white suit as he performed for Prabhudeva’s “Chalmaar” song.


The hosts then surprised the audience as well as viewers when they announced the arrival of the lovable Harish Kalyan who was also a wild-card contestant of BB Season 1. He sure did capture all our hearts with the short time he was in that house. Post the success of first film after BB – “Pyar Prema Kadhal” in which he was paired with another BB1 contestant Raiza Wilson, he was here to launch the first look and title of his next film along with the film’s director and Heroine. It was indeed surprising to know that Vijay TV fame Ma Ka Pa Anand also performed a role in this film. The first look and title was revealed by Mahat and all the female contestants on BB2 was asked to stay back on stage a perform a small dance with Harish.


Post this, Kalaka Povathu Yaaru (KPY) participants entered the stage dressed as BB2 contestants and mocked and spoofed the funny moments of the contestants inside the house in those 100 days. It was a complete laugh riot and even the contestants enjoyed it to bits!


Aishwarya and Yashika then performed a sizzling dance for the audience. After the performance Rio asked Yashika and Aishwarya what was the best compliment they received after the BB show. Yashika said that she was told her level of maturity at such a young age is the best compliment she received while Aishwarya said her realness and unhidden emotions was what made people to like her.


The finale to the show was indeed a very touching moment as small seemantham function was arranged by the show for Kayalvizhi and Sendrayan. The couple’s families and BB2 contestants blessed the couple and their to-be-born baby. They were then gifted a photo which was captured during the moment Kayalvizhi revealed to Sendrayan that he is going to become a father after four years of waiting during the family week inside the house. It was a very emotional moment for all on stage. On this happy note the much awaited BB2 kondattam came to an end.


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