In a world where competition is through the roof and all your goals seem unattainable, there are always role models who can help you keep believing in yourself. Meet Preethi, a dreamer and an achiever.

Preethi works as an anchor for Kalaignar TV. But she didn’t get her break for several years. She had to start from scratch and make her way to the top. Her family had no ties or experience with the media industry and they were skeptical about her trying to get into the same. She received a big NO from everyone at home, when she announced her dream to be on live television.

So, according to her mom’s wishes, she completed a UG course in travel & tourism. But Preethi’s dream stayed alive and so she continued to attend auditions every chance she got..

Next, Preethi did her M.A in journalism and communications. She was hopeful for the future. Unfortunately, she suffered a fatal accident and was unable to function properly for more than a year. This was the toughest time in Preethi’s life. But friends and family stood by her side. Her brother Prashanth and best friend Niveditha, proved to be her pillars of moral support.

Soon after her recovery, she began working for Raj TV and then went on to work for Jaya TV.

Preethi faced many health complications during this time but refused to give up on her dreams.

She now works for Kalaignar TV, as a VJ for a caller based live show that airs from 8 to 9 am on weekdays. But you can see her airing on other special shows on the channel as well. She recently was part of the anchor team that hosted the Pongal Celebration episode on Kalaignar TV.

We asked Preethi what her favorite part of working on air was. “I love making people laugh and this is the best part about my job. I make sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings at the same time. But yes, getting people to smile is definitely the thing I love most about being an anchor.”

Preethi says that her biggest inspirations are Vijay Sethupathi, Muniba Muzari and Rajnikanth.

Finally, we asked Preethi what was the most important thing she learnt on her way to success. Preethi told us that apart from everything else, the one thing that is most important is authenticity.

“Stay true to yourself,” says Preethi, “and as you work towards your dream, things will fall eventually into place. Never lose faith in yourself and what you can achieve.”

We, at Womens Exclusive are grateful to have met such a down to earth soul. We wish Preethi the very best as she continues to inspire those around her and we wish her good health and prosperity in the years ahead.

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