“The taste of things recovered is the sweetest honey we will ever know.”- Paulo Coelho

Ever Since the honey was discovered it is equated with many too many sentimentalists like overemotional, nostalgic, overacted, dreamy, healthy, nectar, romantic, dear, flattery, darling and what not. This golden syrup has to play millions of roles in our day-to-day life.

This recovered taste has no bounds, in benefits and as well as the taste and metaphors of your loved ones;  so many poets could not pass over or miss this word, to make us fall in love with the lady love.

We are evolving and the ‘honey’ is evolving along with us in so many ways; we will never miss the connection that we had with honey.

What “HONEY” has towards the women health-Our lady love.

Honey is the one miracle golden syrup, used to heal many ailments and an incredible culinary staple item. The human cannot tell the exact date when the honey came to our universe. But we could tell it is used before 3,000 years for many purposes including medicine, sweetening agent, god’s offering. No, surprise still today we use honey for the same purpose but we use them in a wide-angle!

Yes! Ladies honey is closely associated with health.

Dream to be fit and healthy is made mandatory in today’s world of fashion and health. Honey is consumed as the replaced sweetener for white sugar which is the dangerous white beauty to our Lady-love.  Yes, the white beauty looks refined and crystal clear granules can give the high-risk of obesity,  diabetics, heart diseases, affect the immune system, cause toothache, and accelerate ageing.

Oh! My ladies, how could we stop the cravings for sugar and delicacies of white beauty?

Here, comes our saviour disguised in golden liquid can save us from these disorders by injecting the sweet medicine injection in us, which is loaded with nutritional value and anti-properties which boosts our immune system and reduces inflammation. Honey has an exceptional quality reducing the allergy symptoms which ease you from the watery nose, sneeze and watery eyes.

honey-middle_resultIs all the honey in the supermarket the real “Golden  Syrup”?

No, We have secretly deceived the sellers who add white sugar beauty to increase the quantity of honey. This processed and commercialized honey will never contain as healthy honey benefits, because of the pasteurization process the honey has to go through a lot of processes like heating and filtration which will strip the organic benefit in them.

So, opting for health is an incredible choice, don’t be misled by advertising and brands, look for raw organic, clean and smooth honey which can have longer shelf-life with the goodness of nature.

Honey Is The Antioxidant Powerhouse:

Today, our earth is bound with deadly attracts from dangerous viruses and our health condition is gone for a toss, we are afraid to step out because of the doubt of our immune system, but honey is an excellent disease fighter which is the powerhouse of polyphenols which will protect us and our immune system.

A spoonful of honey in the morning mixed with hot water is just enough to recharge you and load you with antioxidants!!!!!

Mother  Earth’s Super Natural food from bustlers.

“It takes a bee 10,000,000 trips to collect enough nectar to make 1 pound of honey.   –Sue Monk Kidd “

The Golden Syrup is the outcome of the world’s diligent workers bees, gives this beautiful syrup and nourishes us.

“The world is plentiful with honey, but only the humble bee can collect it – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Okay, ladies, let’s know some interesting Bee facts:

  • It takes her lifetime to produce one teaspoon of honey is about 5 grams for a bee.
  • Bees fly the equivalent of 3 times around the world in air miles to collect 1 kilogram of honey
  • Honey bees are the reason why the world is so beautiful with colourful blossoms. They are super pollinators for flowers and transfer pollen from male and female parts, allowing them to flower and produce fruits.
  • Honey bees are responsible for the mouthful food that we have today, they are super pollinators of the wild and global leading plants.
  • The nature lovers can raise native flowers and other varieties of flowers in your garden to attract bees to collect honey and can enjoy the bustling bees sincere work.

“If you have no Honey in your Pot, have some in your Mouth”- Benjamin Franklin

The Sweetest Honey is the one that instantly boosts our taste buds and our mouth watery for more, even the honey-coated words from you will make others sweet joy for that moment, remaining sweetest forever will be good. This honey is one emotional-thing that is connected with us and still will be connected with us forever.

We have to lead the sentimentalism to go forever and forever, we are fooled and deceived by the fake products in the market, the honey bees are destroyed and captivated by the humans for the commercial purposes and the natural process of making honey is now gone for the toss. So, encourage herbal raw honey producers in the market and contribute your support in any way to safeguard our darling working women bees and Queen bees, who are the strongest living examples for us, Ladies.



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