Shopping is considered a woman’s favorite pastime. However, it could also be her weakness in more ways than one. We tend to indulge in a little bit of more than we intend to shop now and then, don’t we? Guilty for sure. While it is okay to do so, we must realize that we mustn’t overdo our budget. There are some simple ways by which we can reduce our expenditure and we will show you how:


  • Look-out for year seasonal sales – there are at least two huge sales every year, and with the Indian market, there are more than two. These sales would be a good time for you to purchase your regular daily wear clothes in bulk, saving you money.
  • Make use of your coupons – we all are aware of that bunch of shopping/spa coupons lying around your house. Make use of them. Take a look at their expiry date and purchase them before. You will be surprised at how much you can make out of them.


  • Swaps – shopping doesn’t limit to clothing. We also indulge in accessories, books and many more things. Look out for a group where you can swap your stuff. Second hand things are still new to your wardrobe right? You never know, your best swapping mates may be your friends. They know your style, and you know theirs. There are also sites where you can swap items or resale second hand items. Nothing like a few amazing hand me downs that you can find there at great prices.
  • Contest vouchers – the most underrated things are these contest vouchers. You participate and enjoy the thrill of winning the contest, do you ever make use of the voucher or gift hamper? Here is your chance. Participate in giveaways and if you are lucky enough, win a few freebies.

Nothing can be more fun than shopping and saving money. Hope these tips help 😉


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