In the world of drama and actors, only a few are there who pays attention. Among the noises of revolution and politics, she stands as an introvert whose words speak a lot and echoes around the world.  Nasiha envisioned her goal of becoming a fictional author when she was in her 5th grade.  She is not just a dreamer, but a girl who fights for her rights and works hard till she gets her work done.

But we all know life spices up things. The same happened in Nasiha’s life even after scoring top marks, she ended up in a local college in her home town.

Nasiha works as a Technical writer at Repunext. Before that, she was working as a freelancer for several years. Her dreams were always big, which made her unique inside the family, and most of the time they were skeptical about her thoughts and decisions.

But Nasiha, knew that no one can stop her from making her dreams come true. In 2020, when the whole world stopped working, she didn’t stop. Instead, she took her laptop, some coffee and help from her Hogwarts mates to complete her debut book, ‘The Witch from Blue Hail’.


She wanted to explore the world and now she made her book available all around the world while sitting in her comfy bed. Apart from writing business articles, stories, poems she is also an affiliate marketer and also the owner of itekjunk, a technology-related blogging site.


Women Exclusive asked Nasiha a few questions about how she successfully published her first book and here’s what she had to say.

So what’s your educational background?

I completed my Engineering Degree in the stream of computer science. Though I didn’t become a software engineer, I used that knowledge to become a technical writer.


When did you start writing?

As a young kid, I loved magic. When no one is around, I used to prepare potions with water and leaves. I know it sounds crazy, but I tried to write spells, those rhyming words and attractive lines made me to explore more into writing.

What made you write stories?

Being a potter head and a person who believes in magic; I get weird and wildest dreams. And I want others to enjoy the same, the best way to portray my dreams is through books. So, we can say that my dreams inspired me to write ‘The Witch from Blue Hail’.

What are your hobbies?

I never want to regret anything in my life and hence I keep trying new things from doodling, gardening to exploring space, my hobbies have no limits.


Your secret to success?

Secret! There is no such secret for success. Dream big, be consistent, maintain self-discipline, have one vision and most importantly have patience. Then automatically success will come to you. Never lose your hope.


Who is the most important person in your life?

Family is the only permanent thing one can have in their love, which showers immense love and hope on us. I would love to mention my husband here, without him nothing would have been the same. Parvez Ahmed aka Tabu made my life beautiful and believed in me more than I believe in myself. He gifted me the most precious things in life ‘FREEDOM, LOVE and BELIEF’. My Dad Mr.Enayath Ali Khan and Mum Mrs.Sharmila are very proud of me and they are the best parents one can have and I am very happy that I have made these people feel proud of me. All these are the most important people of my life.


Your future plans?

There are plenty of things on my vision board that needs to be completed. Nothing is classier than accomplished and successful women in life. I want to build my empire.


What are the places you would love to explore?

I want to travel all around the world, but Northern lights, historical churches of Rome, Space, NASA, Disney Land and Egypt occupies the top position.


Your favorite author and your current read?

Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown, both are all-time favorite. I am currently reading Jumpha Lahiri’s ‘The Name Sake’.

So when can we expect your next book?

Pretty soon, I am working on a feel-good contemporary book and following that I have planned to work on ‘The Witch from Blue Hail – Part 2’. I want to deliver the best to you guys.


What’s your belief?

I believe in God, theory of universe and law of attraction. Simple things can make great changes in one’s life.


Can you share any interesting incidents from your life?

Actually, there is a lot. But I will tell you one thing which is weird and interesting at the same time. I don’t know where I saw this, but all I remember is a girl with a pen standing in the kitchen, as shooting stars fall from the ceiling. It may be my dream or it might be any scene from the books or comics I read. But a few days ago, I was making dinner in my kitchen and I had a pen in my hand I had no idea how it came to my hand. And a bright spark of light appeared in the sky, when I looked at the window, it was shooting stars. I felt like a Deja Vu effect.

Which is the most memorable day of my life?

The day where I saw my debut book, in the bookshelves of a famous store. It was an amazing feeling; my book was kept among Harry Potter and other books from the famous Indian Authors.


A thing that makes you feel proud of yourself other than the book?

Though I hate my college days, the only thing which made it worth was the leadership and management qualities that I learned from there. I was elected as a secretary of my college for three years in a row, which makes me feel proud of myself.

Is there any specific place or time which makes you write?

As a full-time technical writer, I have to write every single day, so it doesn’t depend on any place or time. But surely it depends on my mood, I can’t even write a paragraph when I feel low.

What would be a message to young girls?

Not specifically for girls but for all, never underestimate your strength and capabilities. You are more worthy and capable than you think. Focus on your dreams, never lose your hope, and keep trying. No one will help you, you have to help yourself, to succeed in your life.


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