In the digital world it is increasingly becoming difficult to find love and hope for a long term relationship. Yet the digital world also brings various platforms to connect, interact and meet new people. It can be tricky to travel on the path of finding love from dating apps , chat rooms and social websites. But there are mistakes that you can avoid to better your chances of getting the right matches and interesting people.


  • Unimpressive pictures- Being genetically good looking helps but there is lot more you can do with your pictures which can give a good impression. Avoid putting group pictures, too many pictures with the opposite sex, dark or blurred pictures and only close-up portraits. Share pictures with good lighting, candid poses, and full length ones to let them know about you clearly.
  • Not putting enough information- You bio in the app is another way to make a good impression. Show your intellect, humor, interests and views to let them know what you bring to the table.
  • Regular conversation starters- We all are so used to a ‘What’s up’ or ‘How are you’, that anything new will always attract us and we will impulsively wish to reply. You can pick up something interesting from a person’s bio or pictures to embark on a interesting conversation.
  • Delaying meeting in person- Talking over text and phone in the initial stage is perfect but delaying meeting often leads to slowing down the momentum of the spark that these initial conversations bring. If you like the person as they appear, set up a date and meet them whenever both are available. Meeting someone brings clarity about the chemistry and vibes that you share which can make or break any relationship.


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