We all have those leftover rice from the dinner yesterday or a bowl of cooked veggies that no one ate stores in the refrigerator somewhere. Instead of throwing away food, you can find creative ways of using these leftovers to make new meals. To make it easier, just consider these leftovers as ‘ingredients’ for another recipe. It is also important to store leftovers carefully, so they do not acquire odour from other products in the refrigerator or become infected. Here are some ways of using leftover Indian food which is tasty, at the same time helps reduce food wastage:


Leftover Rice: This is the most common leftover that can be found in any part of the country. A staple food in many households, rice are easy to reuse for different meals. If you have steamed rice leftover, you can consider making lemon rice, tomato rice or fried rice. You can also use leftover fried rice by adding more fresh veggies and giving them all a stir on the heat.


Leftover Dal/Pulses– Many people use leftover dal or pulses to make parathas. Just add onions, chillies and salt to the dough for extra flavour to the parathas. With the same dough you can make poori for breakfast too.


Leftover Roti/Chapati– Making an egg roll or masala potato roll is the easiest way to make leftover rotis into a new meal. You can also add oil and turn them into plain paratha to enjoy with veggies or chicken curry.


Leftover veggies- Smash the veggies with a fork and put them between two bread slices to make a grilled or toasted sandwich. You won’t even make out the veggies were leftovers. You can also make parathas with them. Adding two or more cooked veggies together to make mixed vegetable is also a good idea


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