Healthcare and technology go hand in hand. Physicians have always leveraged new innovations to improve treatments and overall patient experiences.

The following examples represent a few of the technologies that are poised to improve healthcare in 2020 and the coming years. Whether you work in the industry, are a leading digital agency with clients in the health field, or you’re simply a patient interested in learning more about such innovations, they’re worth paying attention to.

Artificial Intelligence

Recent improvements in AI tech have resulted in AI playing an extremely significant role across numerous industries. Its role in healthcare is becoming particularly significant. In fact, estimates indicate the AI healthcare market could be worth as much as $31.3 billion by 2025.

This is simply because there are many, many ways to use AI in healthcare. AI can analyze patient data and compare it to past records to help physicians more accurately and efficiently diagnose illnesses. This results in earlier and more effective treatment for patients. Some hospitals have begun to enlist the help of AI-equipped bots in operating rooms. AI can also handle such basic tasks as data entry, giving doctors more time to focus on the patients in their care.

Monitoring Devices

There are many instances in which physicians need to constantly monitor the condition of their patients. However, that doesn’t mean such patients should spend their entire lives in hospitals so their doctors can keep an eye on them.

Technology is helping to strike a balance in these circumstances. Thanks to advances in wearable tech, it will soon be possible for patients to wear convenient devices that can monitor key vital signs, alerting both patients and their doctors when problem signs arise. This allows patients struggling with chronic conditions or overcoming significant illnesses to live independently while also enjoying greater peace of mind.


A person’s genes often dictate how susceptible they may be to a wide range of medical conditions. Fortunately, in recent years, researchers have been developing a greater understanding of genomics. Technology has also helped them study key data points to make predictions about their patients.

That’s very important. Healthcare isn’t just about treating illness. On the contrary, healthcare should ideally involve preventing illnesses from striking in the first place. Genomics and technology can help in this capacity.

3D Printing

Doctors rely on key tools and devices to treat patients. Unfortunately, they don’t always have immediate access to the tools they need.

3D printing may change that. As 3D printers become more efficient, many experts believe they’ll allow doctors to generate the tools they need when they’re not available, allowing them to treat patients sooner than they would if they had to wait for a given tool to arrive.

These are all exciting developments for both healthcare professionals and patients. Expect them to revolutionize healthcare in the near future.


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