To maintain optimal health and well being, getting enough sleep is very necessary. Along with regular exercise and balanced diet for good health, sleep is very vital.

Below are some benefits that we get from a good night’s sleep.

  1. Better productivity and concentration

Better concentration, productivity, and cognition are linked directly to good sleep.

  1. Lower weight gain risk

Few studies have linked obesity and weight gain directly with poor sleep pattern.

Poor sleep or lack of sleep directly affects a person’s healthy lifestyle. But this may or may not be a direct contributor to weight gain.

  1. Better calorie regulation

Some research has also shown that you may consume fewer calories during the day if you do not get a good night’s sleep.

It can interfere with a person’s body’s ability to regulate food intake correctly.

  1. Lower inflammation

Getting adequate sleep and reducing inflammation in the body are directly linked.

The study showed that sleep deprivation can contribute to these diseases — and that these diseases, in turn, can contribute to sleep deprivation.

Importance of Sleep

  1. Stronger immune system

Whenever you have good sleep, it helps the body repair, regenerate, and recover. Research shows that peaceful sleep can help you fight off the infection in body. However, further research still need to be done by scientists into the exact mechanisms of sleep in regards to its impact on the body’s immune system.

Sleep recommendations

To improve sleep quality you should spend more time outside.

Depending on their age, Sleep needs vary from person to person.

Along with quantity, i.e. number of hours of sleep, quality is also very important.

 Signs of poor sleep quality include:

  • If you wake up in the middle of night.
  • Still not feeling rested after an adequate number of hours sleep.

Some things a person can do to improve sleep quality are:

  • You should not sleep if you have already slept enough.
  • You should sleep on same time everyday .
  • You should be active throughout the day and spend more time outside.
  • Do exercise to reduce stress or anything else that’ll help.


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