Did you know that you could use cranberries for your skin and hair? Well, now you do! Cranberries health benefits are many as well. From protecting the cardiovascular system, to curing urinary tract infections, cranberries health benefits have been noted for decades, if not longer. They also prevent scurvy, aid in weight loss and prevent respiratory infections. Cranberries get their superpowers from antioxidants, flavonoids, organic acids, anti-inflammatory agents and polyphenolic compounds, not to forget dietary fibre and the essential Vitamin C. Cranberries can be eaten in their raw form, made into a juice, a dessert or even into sauces and jams.


Here are a few ways you can use cranberries for your skin and hair:
Unclogging the pores: If you have oily skin then cranberries are the answer to all our prayers. They contain natural acids that prevent the clogging of pores and they decrease both acne and boils on the face.

All you have to do is take some cranberry juice and dab it on a cotton ball, apply it to your face and leave it on for some time. You can rinse it off with cold water and be marveled at the results.
Get rid of Acne and Blemishes: The anti-inflammatory properties of cranberries ensure that your skin is free from both acne and blemishes. It’s rich Vitamin C content reduces scars entirely and makes the marks fade away. All you need to do is dab some cranberry juice on your face, leave it to dry and wash it off with clean water.


Hyper-Pigmentation: The high amounts of antioxidants and the astringent properties in cranberries, can easily remove any pigmentation on your skin over a period of time. You can mix cranberry juice with gram flour to make a mask. Apply this on your face in a circulat motion for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.

Get Glowing Skin: You can get supple and glowing skin with cranberries antioxidants. They help fight free radicals which cause dull, saggy, aging skin. Mix cranberry juice with yoghurt and massage it on your face for a few minutes . Wash it off with cold water. You can follow this routine on a regular basis to achieve a youthful glow.

Get Firm skin: If you have saggy skin, you must definitely include cranberries in your regular routine. Vitamin C content in cranberries will boost the collagen production and this in turn improves the elasticity of your skin. The collagen production will carry oxygen and nutrients to the skin which makes the skin soft, firm and gives it a natural glow.

For Shiny Hair: Cranberries have a large amount of proteins and nutrients. You can wash your hair with fresh cranberry juice to get lustrous, shiny hair. Just mix some cranberry juice with one cup of mayonnaise. Apply this mask to your scalp and leave it on for about 15 minutes or so. Rinse this off with cold water for amazing results.
Cranberries health benefits and the use of cranberries for your skin and hair will really be useful in improving your personal health overall. Try these simple methods for a few days to see rapid results!


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