The Coronavirus has its toughest grip and never said goodbye to us, still destroying our human lives. Now, a new deadly virus has been discovered by Chinese researchers which are a new variety of swine flu with deadly effect on humans. They found that this flu is a resemblance of H1N1 pandemic occurred in 2009. This influenza virus surveillance in pigs from 2011 to 2018 and it’s a Genotype G4.


According to the Journal PNAS:

The researchers identified that the new virus EA H1N1 is from pigs. The features of G4EA (H1N1)  is to have high fatality rate on young people.

According to the scientists these G4 viruses attack molecules in human cells and can spread to the outer layer of the respiratory system, the newly demonstrated virus G4 is highly infectious and can be transmitted to humans. This G4EA H1N1 virus can has the opportunity for virus adoption in humans and it can be a generation of pandemic viruses.

The current flu vaccines cannot protect us against this virus. This flu strains will grow and multiply in the cells and affects the human respiratory system.

Through this virus is not an immediate problem as COVID-19 but need to monitor the spread of the virus before its scary the world.

This new virus G4 EA H1N1 can grow and multiply in cells can attack the airborne of humans and its strain is deadly and it is very important to take care of it and have to focus on the measures to control the virus in pigs.


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