There are so many do’s and don’ts that you are given, that might confuse you on what is a myth and what is the truth. The most common health mistakes are made right after you eat. This is the time when your body needs to work in total functionality, allowing proper digestion. Improper digestion is the cause of several other health conditions and problems. Simple skin issues like break outs until complicated stomach issues are caused due to an unhealthy digestive system. Here are some important things to avoid right after your meal time, that will change your health game altogether:


  1. No fruits after meals!
    While fruits are always recommended by dieticians and nutritionists, it is important to note the time when we consume them. Fruits are easily digestible and having them along with your meals, will only postpone their digestion and mess with your intestines. So, amp up your nutrients from the fruits by consuming them during your snack time.
  2. Avoid taking a shower after meals
    Showering can change the flow of blood in your body, thus making digestion harder. Wait for a minimum of 30 minutes post a meal and then go take a shower.
  3. As tempted as it might be, don’t take a nap!
    We all love that feeling of dozing off into a nap when we are full. Lying down right after a meal may cause your digestive juices to travel the other way up. This corrodes your inner layer causing the burning sensation up your throat when you lie down.
  4. Surprising, but don’t go for a walk!
    You might have heard that walking is a great form of exercise for any age group. Going for a walk right after a meal will cause some serious acid reflux and indigestion. So even if you want to, take a seat for a while. Wait until at least 30 minutes after you eat and then go for a stroll. It is perfectly healthy to do so if you allows your digestive system this much time.
  5. Do not smoke!
    This is the most dangerous habit one can have. Why else will the packets of the cigarettes itself have “smoking kills” written on them. While it is best to avoid smoking in general, smoking after a meal is completely non-negotiable. As bad as they are for your health, smoking them after a meal only makes it worse in multiple times. In fact, try avoiding them all together for instantly better health.

These 5 simple things will amplify your health in multiple ways if avoided right after eating. It not only has an impact on your inner health, but also externally. Your skin, hair and all other body parts speak from the efficiency of your gut health. Keep your gut clean and healthy by understanding what is right and wrong for them. A healthy and happy stomach will not only reflect on your body, but also on your mood.


  1. Ritheeshwar Reply

    Despite once being considered a staple of a healthy diet, you may want to reconsider what kind of juice you’re adding to your grocery list. Store-bought green smoothies, for example, are often pumped full of extra ingredients that diminish any potential health benefits. Processed fruit juice, on the other hand, contains a concentrated megadose of all the sugar found in fruit, but with none of the beneficial fiber that you get from the whole fruits. This is important because fiber helps slow down the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream to prevent sudden spikes and crashes in blood sugar, while also helps reduce the risk of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

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