Beer is one of the most favourite alcoholic beverages for people. Not only is beer a great companion at your parties,but also helps you in several other ways. It is a great way to amp you socializing skills, and not also amp up your look by giving you a beautiful mane. Yes, you got us right. Down your beer, from up above. Use beer on your hair to make it healthy, shiny and soft. The ferulic acid present in beer is the secret ingredient that makes your skin and hair look and feel better. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and is the power agent of the drink. Here is a simple step by step process on how to use beer for your hair:


  1. Take a tin or can of beer and empty it into a bowl or jug. Leave it out in the open for a while. It is important that the beer gets de-carbonated and should be flat in order to use it for your hair. If your beer still contains carbon dioxide, this can turn the water into hard water and only damage your hair. This removes its cleansing properties and makes it hard to clean your hair.
  2. Use regular shampoo to cleanse your hair. Now ditch the conditioner, and pick up your “flat” beer. Pour it down from the root of your hair until the very tips and massage your scalp. Its mineral properties are said to be very good for the skin on your scalp. Leave this on for a few minutes and then rinse.
  3. Ensure you rinse the beer off your hair with cold water only. Do not worry if there is some unwashed resting on your scalp. It really has beneficial properties that will do wonders for the health of your hair. Try this trick only once or twice a week. Over sing beer for your hair, may lead to drying your mane out, in turn causing breakage.

Tip: Few people are completely sceptical about this idea (or they rather prefer drinking their pint). If you are one of them, for your first time add a few natural ingredients to your hair routine along with the beer until you are actually convinced. You can use ingredients such as honey, eggs or apple cider vinegar. However, remember the best to keep your hair nourished is by oiling them regularly with natural oils. This will not only have your hair looking shinier and soft, but also will help strengthen the roots of your hair and make it thick.

However, keep in mind that the beer treatment may not do the trick in some cases. In case, you are having trouble with dandruff, hair fall or breakage and such issues, go for your suggested conditioner. It is always better to consult an expert before trying such tricks if you have previously faced problems with your hair or scalp.
Nevertheless, now you know, that beer could be your friend in more than just one way.

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