COVID-19 Statistics

Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is a deadly virus which spreads when the droplets of a sick person infected with the virus get into your eyes, nose or mouth.

Let’s learn about the number of people who are getting sick right now.

It’s  80,000 and that’s a lot. Out of this 80,000, 77,000 people that died are from China. Now let’s consider somehow you got the virus, in the very unlikely event of you getting the virus-

  • 81% of the cases are mild
  • 14% of the cases are moderate
  • And only 5% of the cases are critical.


Which means that you are very likely to recover from it.  IF you get into a critical state, compare COVID-19 to SARS. It had a 10% fatality rate while COVID-19 has only a 2% fatality rate which is five times smaller number than SARS.

Let’s consider the age factor. The possibility of dying considering the age factor is very low. The percentage of dying for people under 50 years old is only 0.2%. Hence you must know this number so that you know that majority of people can recover from COVID-19. For the people to worry less, this knowledge is very essential.

Let’s talk about one of the most worst day, which is February 10. 108 people died (mainly from China) because of virus. This is very large number. But if we compare, on that same day 23,283 people died because of cancer, 24,641 people died because of heart disease , 4300 people died because of diabetes, and 27.7 times more people than COVID-19 died because of suicide. So instead of worrying, we should enjoy each day of our life as we don’t know what’s going to happen to us the next minute.


The precautions that should be taken to prevent the virus from spreading are-

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 sec with soap.
  • cover your mouth with tissue while sneezing and discard it in the bin immediately.
  • Stay away from crowds.
  • Cover your face with masks if you are sick and immediately seek medical advice.
  • Avoid touching your face.

NOVEL CORONAVIRUS MAP 101,792 confirmed cases 3,511 reported deaths Last updated 4:54 pm Mar 7, 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions with answers about Coronavirus and others.

Coronavirus has been declared as a World-wide health emergency. Many people are dying because of the virus.

Following are few answers to frequently asked questions about Coronavirus and other things.

 Does breastfeeding your child will pass on the virus(COVID-19) to the child?

Mothers pass on a few viruses through breast milk. Coronavirus is however spread through contact with infected person. There is no information available that the virus causing COVID-19 can be transmitted through breast milk.

Breastfeeding mother should take same precautions just like anyone else. She should cover her mouth while sneezing. She should wash hands frequently and do not touch her eyes, nose or mouth without washing hands.

My Grandmother regularly goes to temple. Should she avoid going there to prevent getting virus?

Coronavirus is usually spread if droplets of a sick person get into a healthy persons eyes, nose, mouth. So you should keep distance if you see someone sneezing, coughing, or sick. So it is advisable to stay away from crowds as you never know who is sick.

Does getting coronavirus during pregnancy increase the chance for miscarriage? 

Miscarriage can occur during any pregnancy. There is no evidence that COVID-19 can increase the chance of miscarriage during pregnancy. If we compare with SARS 4 of 8 pregnancies ended in miscarriage. There is no proof that the miscarriage was caused by the virus.  More research is needed to know how coronavirus infection could affect a pregnancy.


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