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Cosplaying- Not Exactly Role Playing, Definitely Not Fancy Dressing, But A Hint Of Both

Cosplaying- Not Exactly Role Playing, Definitely Not Fancy Dressing, But A Hint Of Both In a new Newsclick series, we delve deep into lesser known art forms, people and sub-cultures that exist in India, despite conflicting views concerning them. Akanksha Sachan Comic Con India Comic-Con International Reshil Charles The ART of COSPLAY Cosplay Fans FASHION Magazine Anime Japanese Anime Animax Asia Colour me Aorin

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Who’s that pokemon? You can always say Ditto and get away with it. You could also say it is Shariyari Aorin, India’s first professional, full-time cosplayer, and still be right a lot of the time. Pokemon was the reason she became interested in cosplaying; after watching a mesmerizing live pokemon concert in Dubai with her family.


Her cosplay lies deep rooted in her experiences as a gamer, anime fan and comic enthusiast. Once she gets a feel for the character, she works on how she will make the transformation to reality. She has been working as a cosplayer since 2014 and is the head of cosplay at NODWIN Gaming and manages the cosplay department as the cosplay genie. She insists on keeping her gamer self and her cosplayer self separate however. As a gamer, her tag is PersianMeow and as a cosplayer her tag is ColourMeAorin.



She has had a lot of success as a cosplayer, winning prestigious events like comic con India and representing India at the Chicago Comic Con. She has been featured on the cover of an international cosplay magazine and an eSports magazine. She has also been featured in Vogue India as the top cosplayer of the country. With more than 120 costumes to her name, far ahead of any other Indian cosplayer, she has taken the field to new heights, which earned her back to back titles of the Cosplay Queen of India.

Other than being a professional cosplayer, she also runs tutorials for beginners, to keep the field rich with participation. Cosplaying has taken her around the world as a judge for international cosplay competitions alongside big names in the gaming and cosplay industry like TobiWan and Alodia at the ESL One Premiership in Manilla.

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Outside of her professional life, she is a proud parent of 2 floofy doggos, Daisy, Regina and the newest addition to the pack Zoey the kitty who will be turning a year old soon. In college, her fondness for dogs earned her the name Rani Kutta Bai because she used to feed and take care of the street dogs on campus. She’s also roped in her Nodwin family to the cause, and they have recently adopted an abandoned Labrador after she had him treated for a wound.

Follow her on Instagram handle colour_me_Aorin & Facebook Colour me Aorin to stay up to date with the cosplay queen’s latest transformations. She also runs a stream on twitch under her gamer handle persian_meow.

A Day In The Life Of India – Episode 39 – Cosplayer

"Most of my costumes are inspired by video games. When you are playing a game, you play as the character and then you feel like not just play as the character, but want to be the character."This is what a day looks like in the life of a cosplayer! #ADayInTheLifeOfIndia

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Mera Bhai Aorin

Catching up with the most loved Cosplayer Colour me Aorin on Mera Bhai. Insights on everything cosplay exclusively by Aorin Shariyari.

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  2. The Indian cosplay scene didn’t see a spurt of growth until Comic Con started spreading across cities in the country, and today, with regular cosplayers earning themselves legions of fans, there is one cosplayer who has been called The Cosplay Queen of India.

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