Bored of eating the same omelette, sunny side up and boiled eggs? Eggs are so versatile that sometimes we don’t make enough use of them in all possible variety. They are a prime ingredient for breakfast packed with protein and essential nutrients. What makes them even more attractive is the easy availability and low cost.

Here are different ways of enjoying eggs everyday:

  • Poached Egg- A technique of cooking eggs, used rarely in India, is poaching. In this method, eggs are cooked in hot water which makes it a healthier option given there is no oil or butter involved. Heat a pan of water, add vinegar, stir the water and immediately add a broken egg. The water whirlpool is very important to bring the liquid contents of the egg together in the middle and cook together. A perfect poached egg has hard egg white and running yolk in the middle but you can always let it cook a little more to get a hard yolk as well.


  • Scrambled Eggs- Scrambled eggs are synonymous with British breakfast. For making the scrambled eggs make a mixture of eggs, salt and pepper. Some prefer adding milk which will give cooked eggs a light texture. Cook in butter over medium flame without continuously stirring. One should pull, lift and fold eggs while cooking to the perfect plate of scrambled eggs.


  • Baked eggs- Baking eggs in a flat base dish is a method that allows you to experiment a lot with other ingredients. You can bake eggs with bacon, cheese, tomatoes, potatoes or you can make an egg inside an avocado or potato too. While a simple baked egg with cheese can be delicious, baked eggs are mostly combined with other ingredients.



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