The symptoms of cervical cancer totally depend largely upon the stage of progression the cancer has reaches. In the early stages of cervical cancer, for example, very few symptoms can be obtained and many individuals experience no symptoms whatsoever. This is one of the reasons that its important to get regularly screened for cervical cancer and other kinds of health problems because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, specifically with something as potent as cancer of the cervix.

As the disease progress, there might be various symptoms that appear which are explained below. Its essential to note, but, that even in later stages of cervical cancer, many women are completely asymptomatic and just prevention, regularly screenings and pap smears will catch it early enough to be treated with maximum efficacy.

Some of the symptoms of cervical cancer are;

Vaginal bleeding

Most women might experience somewhat unusual and seemingly random vaginal bleeding following different routine occurrences. For example, vaginal bleeding can be noticed after having sex, in between periods of menstruation and after a woman attains menopause.

Vaginal discharge

Most of the affected women might notice minute changes in odour, appearance and colour of their vaginal secretions even if they are paying attention passively. A watery and bloody discharge with an unpleasant odour and a somewhat cloudy consistency might be an indication of the disruption of a woman’s normal functioning.


Pain during sex

This is another potential symptom that a woman might have cervical cancer. You might also notice pelvic pain where there was none before.

Back Pain and Bone fractures

If the disease is severe then the sufferer might experience back pain and indicates a general weakness of the body.

If you observe any of these symptoms, don’t panic. Consult a doctor and speak if you have any of these symptoms.


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