About Praveen Dilip

Hi, I am Praveen Dilip, the creator of this blog, Creating a blog, specially meant for women had been on my mind for a long time and now I am here with one that caters to all aspects of womanhood. Women Exclusive targets women of all age groups, offering them insights about diets, beauty, fitness, latest fads, interior decoration, careers and much more, on a regular basis. My blog is a tribute to all the lovely women in my life, whom I deeply respect. That includes my mother, my wife, my sister and my darling daughter.

Apart from specialization in SEO, Blogging and social media, I possess a decade’s worth of experience in Internet marketing and SEO related services. Born and brought up in Chennai, India, I have studied MBA and EPGDMM.

Blogging is a domain that is very dear to me and I am already running three successful blogs – dilipstechblog, medfitnessblog and gtgindia. I am always keen to share new ideas, and my blogs represent my thirst for knowledge about latest developments across all of my favourite fields.



About Andria B

Hi, I’m Andria, an award-winning international freelance photographer, specialising in street photography and portraits. I am also a travel writer, and lifestyle blogger – Documenting global culture. I have lived in various countries and I have lots of international experience, including living in India.

In my own personal quest to settle into my new life in each country and make new friends, I set up a group called “Social Photo” offering global photo walks and the teaching of photography. This has allowed me to successfully meet both locals and expats with a common interest, and to help people make new friends in their new environment. I personally believe photography can help with mental health wellbeing and loneliness, by helping others connect where they might otherwise feel isolated. It is also great to go out, explore and walk as a group. It’s not about the equipment, it is about the enjoyment of getting out and taking that photograph that you love and then sharing those moments with like-minded individuals.

My travel blog talks about travel and lifestyle, my thoughts and general everyday happenings in my own world.

I am proud to say that I have written for various travel magazines and expat columns and as a big crazy cat lady I often share the stories of my cat “Mr. Sparkles” who joins me on all of my travels and adventures. Writing for me is truly a passion, more than a hobby, I enjoy sharing my very own take on the world. I write about the places I have traveled to, the things I have seen and experienced and the people I have met along my journey. There is a saying “There are no foreign lands; it is only the traveler who is foreign” and this is how I feel when I arrive in a new country.

Home to me is wherever my husband and my cat Mr. Sparkles are. Mr. Sparkles has his own little adventures, having traveled everywhere, including to India with us. We are a traveling trio who live for great journeys, the small things in life and meeting new people.

It’s a real privilege to be one of the authors of this blog, “Women Exclusive.” I was absolutely thrilled when Praveen introduced the concept to me. I am very excited to be writing about the topics that interest me the most, from exercise & health to travel, photography and of course, all things Sparkly.

Now that you’ve read about me, why not spend some time reading my articles? I hope you enjoy them!



About Anshu Taneja

Hi, I am Anshu Taneja, a postgraduate in commerce. I have been working as a freelance writer for eight years now. I have always been more of a writer than a talker and putting my thoughts into words has a calming effect on me. My work ranges from technical write-ups to creative ones, from automobiles and gadgets, to fashion and interiors.

Introverted-optimist is the term that would describe me best. (I don’t know if that even exists!) I love all things creative- fashion, cooking, decorating, crafts and the like and I believe that life itself is the most amazing creation. Fitness, dance, music and reading are other things that are fodder for my soul, apart from writing and day dreaming. Seeing my two little daughters grow up steadily, makes me feel that every moment of life should be lived to the fullest.

I’m about to hit 36 this year, and I have come to realize that women have more power and potential in them than they think. Through blog, I wish to connect with women across the globe, with useful advice and tips on the latest topics that will ultimately help them in leading more fulfilling lives.



About Narmada Udayakumar

I am Narmada Udayakumar and I truly believe that real women lift one another. Being brought up in a family filled with women, I never quite understood what male chauvinism meant. However, I do know that if a woman believes she could do something, then she definitely can!

I am a fine enthusiast of the food industry and I have a knack for marketing. I worked as a marketing executive for a brand in the F&B sector. Reality hit me hard just a year later, when I realised how wrong I was. I wasn’t anywhere close to my dream job. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy marketing and food. However, I just didn’t fancy spending majority of my hours working, to make someone else richer. I wanted to be free and on my own.

And here I am now, at just 23 years of age, a freelance content writer and marketer who is answerable to no one, but myself.  My work involves a lot of reading and writing, and my mind is always active and buzzing with ideas. I spend a lot of my other time, working on my physical health through different forms of exercises. I thoroughly enjoy Yoga, Crossfit, running and swimming.

Finally, I believe that a real woman is more than just a healthy mind, body and soul, she is an epitome of love and I try to be just that.



About Sindhu Udayakumar

Hey there! I am Sindhu. Thinking out of the box, generating positivism, keeping up with the latest trends and using that knowledge to make a mark for myself in my niche, is what I consider to be my USPs. I Graduated from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom, with a Merit in International Hospitality & Tourism Management. While I was there, I travelled extensively around the country trying various cuisines and living it up, the English way! This really piqued my interest in travel, food and life in general. Having worked with top companies in various fields such as Volkswagen India, Compass Group and VETA Singapore, I have a natural tendency to adapt, learn and unlearn.

Enough about the serious stuff! Here are some things about my passion and interests – I am extremely passionate about photography and I have completed a Basic DSLR course (I never travel without my camera!). I am the ‘inquisitive’ type and do not shy away from learning new things. This is probably what dragged me to finish a certificate course in Graphic designing. Having a 4-year-old daughter, it is only natural that I also write about parenting, motherhood and pregnancy.

Here is what you can expect to hear from me:

  1. Event Styling – Being in the hospitality industry for so long, I have a natural flair towards this subject.
  2. Motherhood – This journey has taught me so much about myself and about parenting children in today’s generation (trust me, there is a hell of a lot of difference between our childhood days and now!)
  3. You can surely count on me when it comes to health and fitness, relationships, travel, food, photography and work-life balance.

So, head straight over to our wonderful blog and choose from the various categories we have to offer you. Don’t find your interests in here? Just ping us and we will be happy to write about topics that you like!



About Tracy Chatelier

Tracy Chatelier – I am a night-owl, blogger, self-proclaimed poetess, artist, and gamer girl woman. I live with 3 dogs who are extremely wonderful beings. I love camping, and travel in general. Music is my escape and I can strum a chord or two and write my own compositions; that I sing only to myself. I am also a movie enthusiast with an odd affinity towards horror that can actually frighten me. So I spend a lot of time watching movies that disappoint me.

I am inspired by Albert Camus, Salman Rushdie, Jack Kerouac, Kafka, Allen Ginsberg, Rumi, and Sylvia Plath. I’ve been writing since I was 13 and I have managed to make a profession out of writing. My writing process goes something like this – Research, Draft, Polish, Eliminate, Edit.

Nathaniel Hawthorne once said “Easy reading is damn hard writing,” and I try to remember this every day.

While I spend my time writing a hundred pages of content for websites, blogs, press releases and radio jingles, I daydream of publishing a novel one day, even if it’s only a hundred pages long.



About Preethi Nagaraj

Hi, I am Preethi Nagaraj Srinivas, an Engineer by education and a Digital Marketing Manager by profession. I started my career with Content Writing for a digital marketing agency in Bangalore. During my 3+ years experience in Content Writing, I had the pleasure to deal with clients across industries and my knowledge in the digital marketing field increased alongside my experience. Having always been a curious person and eager to learn, I wanted to shift the focus a tiny bit and move into online advertisements. I currently work for a digital marketing agency based out of Chennai with primary focus on social media ads and Google ads. One of my major strengths is my willingness to learn and execute the learnt. But in my quest for endless knowledge, there is one thing that stays with me and that is writing.

Coming from a conventional family and being married to the same, my roles for the day vary from being a daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, manager and freelance content writer. With very little time for hobbies, I still manage to accommodate a great book and watch one of the good content-driven series on most days. Apart from these, my recently developed interest is travelling and I wish to be able to do more of this. Through this wonderful opportunity at, I wish to interact with super women across the world and bring their stories to limelight.


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