Smriti mandhana, she is one of the best openers Indian cricket team has ever seen. She is one of the rare gems India was lucky to find. She started playing in 2013 and she became the first Indian woman to score a double century back to back in one day game in the same year. she is breaking the records one after the other. She has given consistent performances. Her strokeplay and the ability to win the innings has given her the top position. She has played more than a hundred matched scoring more than 3500 runs. She is also the third fastest cricketer scoring 2000 runs in 51 innings. 

In such a short span of time the 22 year old, has won awards after awards. She has become the No. 1 batswoman in the one day Internationals. She has also been placed at 6th place in the top batswoman list for Twenty20 Internationals. In 2018, she bagged the Arjuna Award. And she was the ODI player of the year in 2018. She also won the Rachel Heyhoe flint award for the best female cricketer from the International cricket council in the year 2018. In 2019, she won the best cricketer of the year in the CEAT, International cricket awards.


After reading so much about her professional life, I think it’s fitting that we all want to know a little about her personal life too. About her thoughts and lifestyle. And this Quiz provides just that. A peak into the players mind.


Who is the one player you want to play with?

Meg panning, the Australian captain. I would love to play in the same field as her.

What would you do if it is your last hour on earth? 

I would spend half an hour batting and the other half an hour with my friends and family. 

Where do you want to go on your dream vacation?

My dream vacation is to go to Switzerland and Austria. 

(Go, girl. Good location to choose. I guess we will be seeing her there soon enough with the speed she is raising in her career)


What do you do when you are not on practice?

I would probably sleep and watch some movies.

(What! Sleep and movies, I guess she is Team Us. Who doesn’t love to laze around. We are very glad you are on our boat)

Tell us one well kept secret?

If it’s a secret, then it’s better of being a secret. 

(Uhm, uhm, wise answer. I guess we can’t make her loose talk)


What is your utmost fear?

I am terrified of crossing the road alone and watching horror movies.

(The great batswoman afraid of crossing the road? Tells us she is also human)


What would you have become if not a cricketer? 

I would have become a chef. I have been cooking for a long time. I took cooking classes for punjabi dishes. And I love cooking paneer tikka masala. But I don’t get the time to cook anymore.

(This girl has her priorities set. I mean food is the best. And she has chosen well)

And the last quirky question was

Would you like pineapple on your pizza?

No. Definitely not.

And with that last answer we know Smrithi is the deal. I mean who likes pineapple in their pizza. And we know that Smriti has kept her sense of humour and honesty. She is a wonderful human being as well as a player.



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