Your body always speaks to you and it is important that you should always listen to it carefully and try to understand what it says. To do this you should pay attention to every signal your body gives you. For example, changes in your body parts color or any sensations that you may find uncommon.

Whatever it may be, it is always advisable that you should always listen to the signs your body is giving you, no matter how strange they may seem to you.

  1. Pink feet

 You are quite often promised by the manufacturers of foot lotions that you will have “baby feet.” But if you noticed the skin of your feet looks thin and wrinkled and your feet are really pink, you should get a blood test done to check your blood sugar levels. These symptoms may indicate diabetes or metabolic problem. You should concern endocrinologist.

  1. Hugging sensation

 You always love hugging your loved ones. But it is not always nice. You may feel that someone is hugging you very tightly or you may feel that someone is tying you around your waist, body, or your legs. Then you should do a few tests, as you might be at the risk of having multiple sclerosis. Your arms and legs may also have unpleasant sensations as if you are wearing gloves or heavy shoes. The feeling may be irritating or even very painful. You must not ignore it. For this you should see a neurologist.

  1. Thinning eyebrows

If you see that your eyebrows are becoming thinner by every passing day then you should get yourself checked. You should get your thyroid checked as this might be a symptom of hypothyroidism. You should visit endocrinologist.

  1. Swollen toes

  You may very clean skin without any irritation and also you might not have any itching, but your toes looks like sausages, then you must see a doctor. This may be a symptom of psoriatic arthritis. You must see dermatologist; rheumatologist.

  1. Loss of appetite

 If you are not hungry most of the time and hence you are not eating much resulting in weight loss. This might be a symptom of some metabolic disorder. Also, it might be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux if you have acid reflux. The doctor you should see is gastroenterologist.

  1. Itchy skin

 If you have itchy skin then this might be a signal of diabetes. But before going to a doctor you should check if the itching is because of any other reason. It may be bite of an insect or an allergic reaction because of new body lotion or a fabric of low quality. If that is not the reason for itching then you should see a doctor for an examination. You should concern endocrinologist.

  1. Intolerance of open windows

  Sometimes you might feel cold even in summers. You should get a checkup for thyroid. Your body may face the deficiency of iodine and because of this deficiency it may lead to hypothyroidism. For this you must visit an endocrinologist.

  1. Sudden onset of kleptomania

 Sometimes you may wish to steal something even if you can pay for it easily. You may ignore the law. This is the first sign of dementia. Unfortunately, very few people are ready to admit the problem and ask for help. Hence, you should pay more attention to elderly people as well as your relatives. The doctor that you should see for this purpose- therapist; neurologist; psychiatrist.

  1. Changes in your nails

If you see any change in the appearance of your nails like change in shape, or width and thickness, then this might indicate that you have some heart problems. Generally nail clubbing is not a disease, It might just be a symptom that can be caused by multiple diseases, so you should have a full body checkup. You should visit a therapist and cardiologist.


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