Menstruation as such is a very difficult phase for women. For some, it comes and goes in an easy way, for some others, it can be a nightmare. Many women who suffer from fertility issues, PCOD and other similar problems have a hard time in getting their menses on time. more often than not, hormonal imbalance is the reason for such issues to crop up. At times, there are other reasons as well like stress, tension, overeating and pressure can cause irregular periods. Many hop on to medical treatments and Ayurveda to alter this condition and bring it back on course and some others alter their lifestyle and make a conscious decision to eat healthy to combat irregular periods.

There are certain foods when taken in addition to a balanced diet and proper medication can be effective in regulating your menses or to induce periods on the scheduled time. so, let us have a look at the food items which are helpful in this aspect;


  1. Coffee

coffee contains caffeine which is known to stimulate the oestrogen levels in the female body causing your periods to come early. Caffeine also possess the power to alleviate any menstrual pains.


  1. Nuts

Nuts, especially almonds and walnuts are rich in fibre and proteins and can help prepare you for the onset of menstruation. These nuts also help in inducing heat in the body which aids in regulating periods. Eat a handful of nuts regularly as it is good for health.


  1. Fruits (rich in vitamins C)

Papaya contains carotene which stimulates oestrogen and induce periods. Other fruits such as pineapple and mangoes are rich in vitamin C which generates heat in the pelvic region which causes contraction of the uterus muscles ultimately leading to periods.


  1. Dates

dates are also known to generate heat. If you are facing pain and cramps then drink a glass of warm date milk, it will have a good effect on your reproductive and menstrual health.


  1. Jaggery

jaggery is primarily used for treating scanty periods, but now it has been proved as a good cure for irregular periods too. It is also advised by many doctors as it helps to increase the haemoglobin levels in your blood and maintain the iron level.


  1. Turmeric

turmeric helps to stimulate the blood flow in your uterus and also effects the expansion of uterus which helps in inducing menses. Drinking a glass of turmeric with hot water or milk can be really useful for those looking to get their periods at the scheduled time.


  1. Ginger

ginger has the same healing effects as turmeric and can be taken in various forms. For a more soothing effect, you can try having ginger and honey mixed with a lightly brewed tea during menstruation. It increases internal heat in your body and induces menstruation.


All of the above-mentioned food items are also abundant with anti-inflammation properties along with its general benefits which helps in eliminating menstrual cramps. Add these to your regular diet and notice the difference immediately!




  1. Health Advicer Reply

    Here are some home remedies which can help you with irregular periods
    Unripe Papaya. Green, unripe papaya is considered useful in regulating menstrual flow as it helps contract muscle fibers in the uterus. …
    Turmeric. …
    Aloe Vera. …
    Practice Yoga and Meditation. …
    Ginger. …
    Cumin. …

  2. You can use diet to ease some of the most painful period symptoms.

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