Everyone loves to have a wholesome meal for lunch which will provide them with more energy to get through the second half of the day without making them feel sluggish. But in today’s fast world we hardly have any time for a decent meal. So, we tend to grab a quick lunch without looking into the nutritional values and calories, ultimately ending in consuming way too much junk food. Lunch time is when your metabolism is at its high because you are partially exhausted from the first half of the day and need to recharge for the remaining hours. This is why lunch always needs to be filled with the ideal balance of fibre, sugar, protein and fat – basically all the good nutrients!

The food you consume during lunch time should contain less amount of carbohydrates and more of protein. Some good sources of protein are seafood, tofu, turkey, broccoli, cauliflower, paneer and lean meat like chicken. These lean sources of protein help build your muscles with amino acids and reshape themselves better. You might also want to add some veggies in the form of salad or subji to your meal for a fuller and healthier lunch option. Some options for a healthy veggie intake are chickpeas and corn salad, quinoa rice with chicken curry or quinoa salad, poha in any form, or a nice big bowl of chicken or veggie soup.

Here are some delicious Indian lunch recipes that can provide a nutritious and filling meal;

  1. Masala Bhindi

Masala Bhindi is a delicious side dish made out of fresh lady’s fingers, onions, cumin seeds, ginger, amchoor and mustard oil. It can be a great side for rotis or rice.

  1. Channa Kulcha

Channa kulcha is a classic dish made with only a few ingredients – ginger, coriander powder, cumin powder, carom powder and mango powder which all put together gives the channa a tangy and sour taste.

       3.  Beans Thoran, Potato Curry & Rice

Beans Thoran is a Keralan side dish made with beans and a good amount of grated coconut. A thick and creamy potato curry along with beans thoran is best had with a steaming bowl of rice. 

  1. Gujarati Kadhi

A simple, light and easy to make curry in Gujarati style made with yogurt, gram flour, ginger and garnished with curry leaves.

  1. Allahabad Ki Tehri

This is also known as veg Pulao made using one pot. All the ingredients – veggies of your choice, masalas and spices and ghee are added to one pot and cooked together for this aromatic pulao.

  1. Low Fat Dahi Chicken

Chicken curry made with marinated chicken, red chilli, turmeric, ginger garlic paste, green chillies, tomatoes, coriander and yogurt best had with rotis or rice.

  1. Kolhapuri Vegetables

A Maharashtrian specialty, Kohlapuri vegetables are made with vegetables, grated onion, ginger garlic paste, cinnamon, coconut and cloves.

  1. Black Channa and Coconut Stew

A healthy quick fix stew made out of delicate vegetables like zucchini, bottle gourd, eggplant and black channa.

  1. Urlai Roast

This Chettinadu side dish is a treat to your taste buds made with boiled baby potatoes and cooked in a peppery curry base with onions, tomatoes and masalas.

  1. Paneer Achaari

This brilliant rich curry is made with chunks of paneer, aromatic spices and masalas, yogurt and a pinch of sugar and is best had with rotis.

Wishing you a happy and wholesome lunch meal with these amazing recipes!

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